Ensuring Equal Opportunity and Protection for All

Our nation is built on the idea that all people are created equal and our Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law. Our fellow citizens fought and died for their right to cast a ballot, but many also sacrificed in their righteous pursuit of all kinds of equality. 

Women fought for the right to vote and the right to work; I will push to ensure that equal work receives equal pay, and I will fight for an expansion of medical leave laws that allow families to feel secure, whether they suffer from an illness or are blessed with a child. 

I support the protection of civil and marriage rights for all Americans, and reject prejudice of every description. 

Yes, we are bound by legal principles, but more than that, we are bound by a shared hope and vision for our country and our children.

And that vision includes their right to grow up.  This is why I have put out a public statement in support of universal, loop-hole free background checks, increased mental health screenings, and revisiting of the assault weapons ban of 1994.  You can read my full statement by clicking here.