Promoting Rural Economic Development

Rural and small-town America has too long been ignored – if not completely forgotten – by Washington, and this must change.  In Congress, I would lead the fight to create more economic and educational opportunities in rural South Carolina, starting with basics like supporting family farms and better access to cell phone reception and access to high speed internet.

The lack of broadband in the rural areas of South Carolina effect everything from a child’s ability to complete his or her homework assignments, to hospitals and other businesses being unable to operate and provide critical emergency services.

The lack of connectivity to the outside world has devastated these rural communities, and in Congress, I promise to not forget about these rural areas that are counting on our leadership.

I also promise not to forget about our farmers. I believe that the government should provide family farms with stability and consistency during weather disasters and market disruptions.  Further, we must guard against trade wars where foreign countries retaliate against the U.S. by placing tariffs on U.S. agricultural products, which are among the most prominent and important U.S. exports.