Meet Archie

A South Carolina native, Archie graduated from Sumter High School and earned bachelor and law degrees from the University of South Carolina. He worked as a tax attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice and for the House Ways & Means Committee under Democratic leadership.  Archie then accumulated business and international experience while working for some of the biggest American companies.

But for Archie, growing up in a South Carolina military family defined his values. His dad grew up in an orphanage in York and then became a decorated World War II veteran. His mom raised Archie and his brother, and helped neighbors with their taxes, which inspired Archie’s education and career path.

Archie’s parents taught him the values of service, respect, hard work, and the need to bring people together to solve problems. Those are the values that made Archie effective in his career – and what he will bring to Washington.

Archie is running for Congress because Washington is not solving the real problems that are hurting middle class families. As a tax expert, he will work with both parties to close loopholes that allow giant companies to keep untaxed profits overseas – and use that money to cut taxes for families, repair and improve South Carolina infrastructure, and create jobs.  He believes that cutting taxes for families and simplifying them for businesses will attract jobs to South Carolina again. 

The combination of the skills he gained in his long career combined with an approach that has always emphasized thoughtfulness and civility make Archie uniquely qualified to be the next Democratic representative from South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District. He will bring a focus to constituent service that people of the district deserve.

In 2017, Archie ran in the special election to replace the seat vacated by Mick Mulvaney, where he narrowly lost by fewer than 3,000 votes. 

Archie came the closest of all of the 2017 congressional special election candidates, closing the gap from 16 points to just 3, making this not only the best performance by a Democrat in the special elections, but the closest congressional race in South Carolina in 20 years. 

Politico called his campaign "the best political campaign of 2017" and may have put it best: "it’s hard to look at Parnell’s performance in the special and conclude that he can’t win."

Archie and his wife, Sarah, live in Sumter. They have two adult daughters, Lydia and Julia.