After FBI Director Firing, Archie Parnell Calls for Independent Investigation into Russian Interference


SUMTER, SC -- Businessman and tax expert Archie Parnell, the Democratic nominee in the special election to replace Mick Mulvaney in Congress, released the following statement: 

Firing the FBI Director now during a probe of possible wrongdoing at the highest levels of government reeks of of politics, particularly given the similar firings of both Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and US Attorney Preet Bharara as they conducted parallel investigations.

In the wake of President Trump's unprecedented act, voices from the left and the right have joined in calling for an independent prosecutor to investigate Russian interference in our elections. I stand with the patriotic Americans from both parties who believe our Constitution and our system of government must be protected. I firmly believe that the inquiries into Russian involvement can only be completed with a non-political and totally independent investigation. 

I call on both Republican candidates in this race to clearly state their positions as well: are they with those who value fair and independent investigations or do their blindly follow their partisan allegiance wherever it may lead?  Voters deserve to know.