Congressman James Clyburn Endorses Archie Parnell in SC-05 Special Election to Replace Mulvaney

(SUMTER, SC -- May 8) -- Congressman James E. Clyburn, US Representative for South Carolina’s 6th Congressional District, endorsed Democrat Archie Parnell, a businessman and tax expert, in the special congressional election to replace Trump-appointee Mick Mulvaney in SC-05. 

"Archie Parnell will bring the South Carolina values of hard work, civility, and respect to Congress," said Congressman Clyburn. "House Republicans are focused on taking away people's healthcare and unfairly raising taxes on senior citizens. Archie will use his business and tax expertise to actually make people's lives better by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, cutting taxes for working people, and stopping American corporations from stashing trillions in profits overseas to avoid paying taxes. Electing my friend Archie Parnell to Congress on June 20 is a top priority for me."

Like Parnell, Congressman Clyburn grew up in Sumter. He is the Assistant Democratic Leader, the third-ranking Democrat, in the House of Representatives. 

"Congressman Clyburn is one of the most effective congressmen this country has ever seen," Parnell said. "He needs a partner in Congress, someone to stand with him shoulder-to-shoulder to fight for South Carolinians. I will be that partner in Congress."

Clyburn's endorsement comes days after Parnell won the Democratic nomination with over 70% of the vote. Republicans have a runoff primary election next Tuesday to select their nominee. Both Republican candidates, Tommy Pope and Ralph Norman, have refused to take a position on the healthcare bill. 

Roll Call has noted that "President Donald Trump carried South Carolina’s 5th District by 9 points less than he carried Kansas’ 4th District in November." In other words, if South Carolina replicates the swing that occurred in Kansas, Parnell would win by 3 points.