PRESS RELEASE: Archie Parnell Releases Video Response to Ralph Norman Gun Incident

For Immediate Release:

April 9, 2018

Archie Parnell Releases Video Response to Ralph Norman Gun Incident


(Sumter, SC) -- Archie Parnell, Democratic Candidate for Congress in SC-5, released the following video on Monday in response to opponent Ralph Norman placing a loaded gun on the table during a meeting with constituents last Friday in Rock Hill:



Full Transcript

"I'm Archie Parnell, the Democrat running in South Carolina's 5th District. 


My opponent Ralph Norman recently made news for taking out a loaded gun and putting it on the table across from his constituents - a group of women, who came to talk him to talk about gun violence... He really did that... 

...And he said he’d do it again.


Like most Americans, I support common-sense laws like universal background checks, and keeping guns out of the hands of those suffering from severe mental illness, or folks with a record of domestic violence.  

Ralph Norman does not. That's why he has an A rating from the NRA.


Let me be clear, I support the second amendment, what I don’t support is acting like a bully to intimidate those you disagree with. That’s exactly what’s wrong with politics today.

Last June, our campaign came within 3 points of beating Mr. Norman in a special election. This time…with your help, we can do it.  

We can restore the values of decency, civility, and common sense to our political discussions - which ultimately lead to our legislative decisions on critical issues from guns to healthcare to taxes and more.


Please join us at Archie 

Thank you for listening."